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    এস.এস.সি পরীক্ষা ২০১৯ - ইংরেজী ২য় উত্তরমালা

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    SSC Examination- 2019
    English 1st Paper
    Answer Sheet

    Answer to Question No.-01:
    a) full
    b) made
    c) objects
    d) water
    e) clothes
    f) forces
    g) currents
    h) on
    i) important
    j) the

    Answer to Question No.-02:
    a) a
    b) from
    c) curse
    d) various/ Many
    e) responsible
    f) reckless
    g) service/ bus
    h) properly
    i) without
    j) major

    Answer to Question No.-03:
    a) The national flag is the symbol of independence and sovereignty of a nation.
    b) Every independent country of the world has its own flag.
    c) Hence, to every nation its flag is dearer than any other thing.
    d) We need to safeguard its prestige
    e) For that we need to have patriotic feelings.

    Answer to Question No.-04:
    a) climbed
    b) picked
    c) took
    d) gave
    e) felt
    f) noticed
    g) got
    h) did
    i) wanted
    j) washed

    Answer to Question No.-05:
    Rina asked Karim how he was and said that she (R) had gone to his house the previous day. With a dissatisfaction, she said that she had not found him. She again asked him where he (K) had gone. Karim replied that he had gone to the book fair and said that he had to maintain their school’s stall.

    Answer to Question No.-06:
    a) Hazi Mohammad Mohsin was not unkind man.
    b) He remained single.
    c) The people were cordially loved by him
    d) Did he ever think of his own happiness?
    e) What a simple life he led!
    f) He always helped who are needy.
    g) He contributed much money for education so that he could educated the poor.
    h) He had a vast wealth but did not spend for his own.
    i) Everybody knows his kindness.
    j) Very few kind men of the world were as great as he.

    Answer to Question No.-07:
    a) you should miss the train
    b) we changed our food habits
    c) that he could not walk
    d) saves nine
    e) he cut a good figure in the exam / he made a good result

    Answer to Question No.-08:
    a) desirable
    b) civilization
    c) intolerable
    d) deficiency
    e) populated
    f) insufficient
    g) repeatedly
    h) immediately
    i) government
    j) remove

    Answer to Question No.-09:
    a) is there?
    b) do they?
    c) shall we?
    d) isn’t it?
    e) will you?

    Answer to Question No.-10:
    a) though
    b) So
    c) But
    d) So/ therefore
    e) Without

    Answer to Question No.-11:
    “Do you know me?” “Yes, I know you from my childhood.” “What’s your name?” “My name is Sumon.” “Thank you a lot,” said Mr. Jamal.

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