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    আজকের আয়োজন ইংরেজি - জব প্রস্তুতি মডেল টেস্ট- Job Test- 01

    আজকের আয়োজন ইংরেজি  - জব প্রস্তুতি মডেল টেস্ট- Job Test- 01
    জব প্রস্তুতি মডেল টেস্ট
     জব প্রস্তুতি মডেল টেস্ট- Job Test- 01

    1. “Either” of the pencils will do.

    ক) Adjective খ) Adverb গ) Preposition ঘ) Pronoun
    2. He gave up – football when he got married.

    ক) of playing খ) to play গ) playing ঘ) play
    3. You’re right ……… an extent. You haven’t thought about the big picture. So, really, you’re only half right.

    ক) at খ) for গ) by ঘ) to
    4. \’Animal Farm\’ was written by _.

    ক) George Orwell খ) Stevenson গ) Swift ঘ) Mark Twain
    5. Rishan walks as if he-lame.

    ক) is খ) had been গ) has ঘ) were
    6. Choose the appropriate alternative to complete the sentence. He had a _______ of fever.

    ক) severe attack খ) strong attack গ) bad attack ঘ) serious attack
    7. The plan has been hanging — for a long time.

    ক) down খ) on গ) up ঘ) none
    8. A daily diet that ___ foods from the 4 groups should supply all the nutrients a person needs.

    ক) contain খ) contains গ) contained ঘ) contains in
    9. Few could have ___ the ___ results of our season; we won seven games and lost only two.

    ক) identified, elastic খ) meditated, presumptuous গ) appropriated, lackluster ঘ) predicted, stellar
    10. ‘Out and out’ means :
    ক) Not at all খ) Brave গ) Thoroughly ঘ) Whole heartedly

    4.George Orwell
    6.severe attack
    9.predicted, stellar
    10. Thoroughly

     অতি-সাম্প্রতিক  প্রশ্ন - পরীক্ষায় আসার মতো

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